Part of what motivates me to continue to connect with my social network is my sheer love of what I do.

Do you love what YOU do enough to connect regularly and stay connected?

On the face of it, I am an unlikely member of the social entrepreneurs.

I consider my work as a medical intuitive healer to be my true soul calling.

The books that I write are my attempt to simplify much of what I have learned so that people all over the world can access this information so that they too can be happier and healthier.

The thought of not being able to do healing work, not being able to do medical intuitive readings, not being able to teach yoga or qi gong or not being able to write is simply out of the question for me.

These are my passions and why I believe I am alive at this particular point in time.

I want to succeed among the social entrepreneurs because it is my true soul longing to serve others with natural healing.

Over the past few years, I have observed friends and colleagues who are highly trained, highly experienced and absolute masters at what they do who have ended up losing their businesses in one form or fashion because they were simply out marketed by 25-year-olds with half their expertise.

The 25-year-olds had become social entrepreneurs and taken away the business of the old hands who may have had more experience but lacked the ability to build and maintain a social network.

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, you would be shocked to find out how much time I need to spend empowering my clients to work through their money issues because money issues keep you in survival mode.

Marketing – plain and simple, in my mind – is simply explaining to others how you can help them.

You have a bad back, I can help you with that.

You are depressed, I can help you with that.

You are exhausted, I can help you with that. I know because I have done all these things over and over and over again, helping countless clients overcome physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges that many thought might be the end of them.

If we fail to market, if we fail to join the ranks of the successful social entrepreneurs, we don’t let others know how we can help them.

If the message doesn’t get delivered, we may never reach the people who truly need us.

One way of thinking of a social network is to consider all the folks we connect with as people who share the same drives, needs, wants, passions and interests.

Part of what we need to do now is deliver our message in tune with current vibration.

In healing work, we talk about the crucial importance of keeping up with current vibration.

The vibration of the entire planet is speeding up.

If you don’t believe me, just think about how your life was different 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago!

To be effective, everything – healing work and marketing work – must be in tune with the current vibration.

What worked 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago may or may not work today.

You can write the greatest book or be the most effective healer on the planet but if nobody knows how you can help them, what good is your talent?

Today the social entrepreneurs know and experience that part of what they must do to be successful in any field of endeavor is to build and maintain a social network of like-minded people – whether those folks be in the same city, the same country or simply share values globally.

It’s important that we constantly re-examine what is still working and what no longer serves us – whether that be thoughts or beliefs, healing practices or marketing methods.

For example, I have written a monthly newsletter in my business virtually every month every year since my early 30s.

Some months, I would spend two days just writing the newsletter and preparing all the photographs to go with each article.

Now my webmaster Greg Keesey advises to keep the newsletters short – one or two articles – because people spend so little time reading.

Gone are the days when newspaper or magazine ads had any impact. People don’t want to be advertised to – they want to form relationships and buy their goods and services from people they trust. You are most likely to trust the people in your social network because you know they share your values.

Only 10 percent of consumers trust advertising. On the other hand, some 78 percent trust peer recommendations.

Let me give you a simple example.

A friend of mine just went out to buy an omelet pan.

While he was in a store, he looked online and read reviews about various pans.

He put back the pan he originally chose – based on peer reviews on – and purchased the one that was more highly recommended.

Even if he didn’t personally know the folks who wrote the reviews on Amazon, he’s a big reader of books and knew to trust other folks who are also book readers. These folks are part of his social network even if he had never met them because he could connect to their thoughts online and trusted these opinions.

This is how we do things these days.

If someone comes to be my client, I can safely assume that they have done their homework through the internet, read my four Amazon No. 1 best selling books, looked at my testimonials, read my newsletter and possibly interacted with me through any one of the social media sites.

Through the social media, we can form virtual communities of like-minded people who hold similar values no matter where we live. That means we can expand our reach to millions of people all over the globe, sharing not only what we know but also learning from others and bringing their wisdom into our lives and business.

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