There’s a distinct psychological process that you go through in the five stages of change in social media today.

You can’t begin to win the Game of Social Media until you have gone through this process in your head, so I want to explain to you what this process is.

The more you understand your own psychological process, the quicker you can move from the stage of pre contemplation to winning the Game of Social Media with ease and grace.

Hi, my name is Catherine Carrigan.

I don’t have an M.B.A. or a marketing degree.

I’m a single woman running a home-based business in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s why I can help you walk through your own process so that you can go from avoiding the subject all together to winning the Game of Social Media.

My Klout score – a measure of overall social media influence – is 68.

Once your Klout score is over 60, you are in the top 5 percent of social media influencers.

For well over a year now, I’ve been in the Top 100 Twitter users in Atlanta, Georgia,  compiled by Evan Carmichael.

I’m a medical intuitive healer and the author of five books.

Because I can work by phone or Skype with clients all over the world as a medical intuitive, I consider myself to have an international business.

Indeed, not only do I work every week with clients all over the U.S. and the U.K., over the years I have also worked with clients in Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Hong Kong.

Being able to reach potential customers and readers among the 2.1 billion people in the world who have a social media account is part of why I take my marketing in social media so very seriously.

By playing to win the Game of Social Media, I no longer have to rely on any of the 5.7 million people in Atlanta willing to push their way through the 12th worst traffic in the U.S. to come and work with me in person.

I can simply sit on my sofa, put on my yoga toe stretchers and drink a cup of tea while turning on my Skype to go to work.

I am a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University, but, as I will explain in a moment, until a few years ago I understood so little about computers, the internet and marketing I actually broke my Apple desktop computer because I had been turning it off incorrectly every day for the previous four years.

The metrics about where I stand in social media are interesting, but the metric that is most impressive to me personally is the fact that when I checked my accounting this week, my gross revenues for the first six months of 2016 are up 50 percent over the same period of 2015.

Ramajon Cogan and I want to teach you not only how to win the Game of Social Media, we want to teach you how to succeed in your business – whether that be to sell more books, get more clients or make more money.

I attribute 100 percent of my recent success in my business to the fact that I like to play the Game of Social Media and have figured out how to win.

So what are the 5 stages of change you go through when you want to win the Game of Social Media?

  • Precontemplation. During this stage, you think that the cons of doing anything about social media campaigns outweigh the pros.
  • Contemplation. When you go through this step, you may consider social media training, but the cons still outweigh the benefits of social media so you do nothing.
  • Planning. At this stage, you set up a social media strategy template. This is what Rama and I will teach you when you sign up to work with us at
  • Action. Finally, you are moving forward. You may not be a social media specialist or a social media manager, but you are playing the Game of Social Media.
  • Maintenance. You play the Game of Social Media consistently and have integrated social media into your daily life.

Now here’s the thing.

Each of these stages of change occur between your ears.

Learning to win the Game of Social Media is psychological and a matter of education.

In other words, this process is both emotional and mental.

In my work as a medical intuitive, I read the 5 bodies – the physical body, the energy body, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – and of all of these resolving the issues in your emotional body is always the most important.

I’ve heard all the excuses:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I tried Twitter for two days and it didn’t work.
  • I don’t want to talk about my personal life in public.
  • I can hire someone for that – yet according to our search engine optimization expert, Scott D. Smith of London, England, if you actually hired someone who knew they what they were doing it would cost you about 4,000 English pounds per month.

You may already have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an Instagram or be uploading videos on Youtube, but here’s the truth – unless or until you create a social media strategy where you are clear about your own brand identity, you probably aren’t getting anywhere.

Even if you are willing, if you fail to plan, you can bet that sooner or later you will drop back to either pre contemplation or contemplation because you aren’t getting new customers, new readers or more money and you will feel very frustrated.

“I tweeted for 2 whole days and nothing happened,” you may say to yourself. “This stuff doesn’t work! What’s the point?”

Now let me drill this down for you.

The more you can understand what’s going on between your ears, the more likely you will be to win the Game of Social Media.

Rama and I sincerely want to empower you to win this game, and that’s why we set up this business. We believe that people all over the world want to win the Game of Social Media but simply don’t know how.

Precontemplation. Let me use myself as an example.In 2011, I got a divorce. Within a 2 week period, I had what I refer to in healing work as the blessing of a breakdown. Everything broke all at once so I had no choice but to fix it. My cellphone broke and then my desktop computer broke. I found myself weeping at the Apple store because I knew nothing about computers. Feeling very overwhelmed and helpless, I signed up for the Apple One to One program. I would go to the Apple store to take lessons (unfortunately Apple has phased out this program) and whenever one of my devices would break down, which seemed to happen practically all the time. At that point, I discovered that the reason my computer broke was that I had been turning it off incorrectly every day for 4 years. I had heard remotely about Facebook and Twitter but didn’t have any idea why anybody would waste their time blathering on in front of people they had never met.

If you have ever gone through a divorce, you know how rough that can be. At one point, somebody sent me an email explaining to me that I was “under the influence of the devil,” quote unquote. “Who knew?” I thought. I was very thankful not to be on social media at all because I was having enough of a hard time handling all the pressure of change. Like many people, at that point in my life I had an actual fear of social media.

If YOU are in the pre contemplation stage, more than likely you have loads of excuses about why you won’t do social media – you’re too busy, you think you can just hire that out – which by the way, is a terrible idea and ultimately won’t work – either you can’t or won’t be bothered. You may not be making much money in your business or not selling any of the books you worked so hard to write and publish, but mentally and emotionally you have checked out.

Contemplation. At the Apple store they taught me how to build my first blog. The reason I did this is a friend at the time convinced me by saying that although I am good at many things, she said that my skills as a medical intuitive healer are off the chart and can not be learned or taught. She said I should create a website to start talking about my work as a medical intuitive healer so that people can understand how I can help them. Because I had heard that you had to pay money if you used other people’s photos on your website, I started taking photos of my orchids and my garden with my iPhone so that I would have free photos. I kept hearing about social media, but it was all I could do to run my business and set up my new blog in addition to running a website I had owned for many years and writing my monthly newsletter.

If YOU are in the contemplation stage, more than likely you are either new to running a website or blog and you haven’t figured out how to get people to start actually visiting your website. You may not even be aware how you can check to see if people are visiting your website. You don’t know how to market your content through the social media. You probably don’t have many people visiting your website and you adopt the hope and pray approach, hoping and praying people might happen to notice what you have worked so hard to put up on the internet. But the idea of engaging in social media still feels a bit daunting.

Planning. Now this is a huge shift.

I have spent several years in the planning stage, learning about how to present myself, figuring out which hashtags are most effective for attracting the most business. For example, when I write too much about gardening and orchids, I notice that my business drops off slightly. But when I blog about my work as a medical intuitive healer, all of a sudden I get calls and emails from people all over the world. I have a plan not just for actually writing a blog but for promoting what I have written on 8 different social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram. Every blog I write gets posted not only on 8 different social media sites but distributed through a dashboard, usually with 8 to 12 different headlines and a photograph blasting out once an hour.

If YOU are in the planning stage, you are about to sign up for our new program! You have realized that your haphazard approach to social media isn’t working. You realize you have to figure out what you want to be known for, what your idea hashtags are and have a strategy for creating content. You want to brand your blog and figure out a way to attract people to your books, your website and your business.

Action. Even though I have a lot of energy and am highly motivated, I don’t maintain a rigid schedule of creating content. I generally meditate first thing in the morning and then write. Frankly I do everything intuitively, including my business, and often I wait for guidance about what to write about. For example, in January my intuition told me to write articles about healing for the knees. One of these articles had 6,600 visitors in a single day! Once I write, I then do what the experts call SMO – social media optimization. I then optimize my content to be distributed throughout the social media. While in action, I focus on building relationships, not just selling. I focus on giving value by offering content that people need and want.

If YOU are in action,  YOU’RE FINALLY PLAYING THE GAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Yea! You know what your brand is, you know your hashtags and you have discovered a rhythm for creating and distributing content throughout your social media platform. You do not sell, sell sell, you connect, connect, connect. Your ideal ratio of offering helpful content to asking people to buy your stuff is ideally about 20 to 1.  Most people would never go to a party and ask everybody in the room to buy their stuff. You no longer act like a social media idiot. Instead of telling everybody all day long to buy your stuff, you make friends, you interact, you share and when you finally have something wonderful to say or sell everybody else shares it for you because they like you. People buy from other people they like and you have learned how to be likable in public.

Maintenance. I have discovered a rhythm that works for me. I actually enjoy creating content. I keep my iPhone with me and photograph beautiful flowers on my walks. I admit I am a bit obsessive about photographing my orchids and garden in their various stages of change. I listen to my clients concerns and write articles that discuss how to solve their problems. In addition to the social media, I write a monthly newsletter that gets emailed out and then promoted through my social media channels. None of this feels overwhelming. I have FUN doing it! It’s even more fun when I go to my Quickbooks and I realize that my hard work of figuring out how to win the Game of Social Media is paying off!

If YOU are in maintenance, you have created a brand for yourself, you have a content creation schedule, you deliver to your social media platform regularly and you are having FUN. Your audience for your books and business grows day by day and month by month. You make more money, help more people and are able to make a bigger impact because more people understand how you can help them.

If you recognize that you are stuck in one of these stages of change, call today to learn how you too can win the Game of Social Media.

Among social media marketing companies, what’s unique about us is that we understand that this is a psychological process.

By understanding what stage of change you are in, you can move to the next step and have fun playing the Game of Social Media with us.

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