Writing a book is more than simply putting words on a page.

My mentor used to quote a New York Times article that said 71% of the population had a book stuck inside them. After working with hundreds of authors, I concur, there are a lot of books literally stuck inside of us would be authors.

How do we get them out, and why do we want to write them in the first place?

After all, each and every book is unique, has its own timeline and is a creative work of art.

Wouldn’t it be easier to make a YouTube video than to write a book? The proliferation of smartphones has certainly placed video creation at all of our fingertips.

Lucky for us, the digital age has made self-publishing a book easier and more affordable.

Don’t get cocky thinking that technology has somehow made writing a book an easy process. Finishing a book is still a huge challenge and accomplishment for most of us. And, just because we can self-publish our book, the process can and does cost lots of time and some money as well.

When we get through the book writing and book publishing timeline, we are still faced with some big questions. Is the book any good? And, more importantly, how do we sell copies of it?

Most authors simply want to write the book. The thought of selling and marketing the book is a distant thought at best. When I was running a boutique publishing house, it became obvious to me that authors really wanted someone else to sell and market their books for them.

This was so true that whenever I talked about the use of social media to market the book, most authors made up excuse after excuse for why they didn’t want to use social media and how much they hated it.

No matter how great the book is, it won’t sell on its own.

Since the use of social media is the easiest way to market our book and develop our author platform, it is perhaps the only affordable avenue open for us.

Many authors erroneously think that if they had a publisher, the publisher would take care of all that marketing stuff. The reality is, even if you had a publisher instead of going the self-publishing route, you would be stuck with empty promises and would have to do the social media marketing yourself. And, you would be giving up most of your profit to boot.

If writing that book now seems like a daunting task, sit back and take one step at a time. Remember that each and every book has its own timeline.

The book is still a great way of sharing our passion with the world.

Today’s self-publishing environment allows all of us with a great idea, story or adventure to put words in our computer and pop a book out.

In my next blog, I will explore some easy ways to organize and write that book.