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"Ramajon Cogan Social Media Marketing Expert"

Ramajon Cogan Social Media Marketing Expert

Who is RamaJon Cogan?

RamaJon Cogan spent five years working with hundreds of authors as the former director of PublishNow.

During those five years, Rama worked on every aspect of publishing and determined that the reason that most authorpreneurs and entrepreneurs do not succeed financially is because they do not have a strong social media marketing platform.

“I am passionate about helping authors and small business owners succeed,” Rama says.

“In the old days, brick and mortar retailers survived based on location, location location.

“In this digital age, it’s marketing, marketing marketing.

“Catherine Carrigan and I are committed to empowering you to succeed with our new business What Is Social Media Today.

“We have developed a highly successful approach that we call the Game of Social Media. Our goal is to teach you how to play the game so that you can be successful and bring your business and books to a worldwide audience.”

Ramajon is a computer geek, adventurer and mountain bike pioneer.

He received his B.A. from University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a major in economics and a minor in organization theory.

His first professional job was as a productivity consultant for ROI Controls Corp. Being the low man on the totem pole, number crunching and basic programming were the rule of the day.

Dropping out and following his dreams to Hawaii, RamaJon then hung out with the dolphins and the hippies.

Since then, RamaJon has been his own boss, owning Rising Sun Natural Foods in Cleveland Hts for 5 years and then riding the energy of the New Age to Sedona and opening Mountain Bike Heaven and establishing the Sedona Mountain Bike Community.

In 2011 RamaJon changed his life from bike rider to book writer; publishing Sedona Mountain Biking.

Shortly thereafter, RamaJon became book writing and publishing coach and consultant for Tom Bird’s PublishNow program.

From early Basic and Cobol programming to pioneering the Sedona Mountain Biking community to What Is Social Media Today, RamaJon has been part of technology growth.

RamaJon brings you his jack of all trades down to earth perspective and is Director of Fun for The Game Of Social Media.

Join us today and have fun succeeding, winning over a new audience and making money.

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