If you plan on winning the Game of Social Media, you want to be sure to include Youtube as part of your strategy.

Why is it so important for you to include Youtube as part of your social media strategy?


Now let’s talk about how to knock it out of the park with Youtube.

Step 1. Start with a keyword. By now, if you’ve been working with us here at www.businessofwriting.net, you know that if you don’t work with a keyword, you simply won’t get found. Pick one keyword.

Step 2. Create a two to three minute video elaborating on this keyword. Here at www.businessofwriting.net, we film videos using the video conferencing service Zoom.us. You can pay to join this service if you like, but Zoom also allows you FREE access for meetings up to 40 minutes with up to 50 participants. Zoom.us is great if you want to record yourself explaining your product or service, but you may also want to use your smart phone to record live action videos. For example, I have created multiple videos of exercises, pranayama breath work and even a book trailer using my iPhone 6S. Use your creativity. What do your fans and followers want to know about? Just keep your videos short and to the point.

Step 3. Edit the file properties. Just as you would tag all your photographs before uploading them to social media, edit the video file and include your keyword in the file before you upload it to Youtube.

Step 4. Write a 500-word description of your video using your keyword in the first paragraph. Be sure that this is 100 percent original content. To see a good example of this, visit this link on the Youtube channel for my business www.healingjewelrystore.com. The reason you want to make sure that your 500-word description is original content is so that the search engines will identify it as original information.

Step 5. Once you have published your video to Youtube, be sure to embed it on your website. You have just gone through the hard work of creating great social media marketing material, so you will want to save it so your fans and followers can watch it. You may even want to write a second 500-word article – this one also completely original and not repeating the 500-word description you wrote to go with your Youtube video – to post on your website to go with the video. You could think of this almost like an oreo cookie – 500 word description for your video, the video itself and another 500-word blog article for your website.

Step 6. Once you have created your video, share it all through your social network. Just as you include buttons for all your social media sites on the front page of your website, be sure to put a Youtube button on your website to encourage your fans and followers to subscribe.

Hard work? Yes.

Incredibly effective? Absolutely.

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