Importance of Social Media for Authors, The Writing Coach Podcast Interview

Importance of Social Media for Authors, The Writing Coach Podcast Interview

Join Catherine Carrigan on The Writing Coach Podcast interview with Kevin T. Johns as she explains the importance of social media marketing for authors.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The importance of social media marketing for authors;
  • What Catherine learned from working with a traditional publisher and what she loves about independent publishing;
  • The relationship between depression and writing;
  • Why she always seeks out mentors;
  • How her expertise in fitness, nutrition, and health contributes to her writing;
  • And much more!

Host Kevin T. Johns is an author, podcaster, writing coach, and ghostwriter residing in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and three daughters.

Kevin grew up reading comic books, watching horror movies, and playing guitar in punk rock bands.

He attended Carleton University where he attained a double-major undergraduate degree in English Literature and Film studies and Master’s Degree in English Literature.

He has published five books, ghostwritten several more, and helped hundreds of writers from around the world get their ideas out of their heads, onto the page, and into readers hands.

Catherine Carrigan is the author of seven books, including five Amazon No. 1 bestsellers.

Her two most recent books, What Is Social Media Today: Keywords, Hashtags and You, Oh My!  and What Is Social Media Today: Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Media explain how you can win what we here at call the Game of Social Media.

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