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The influence of social media is so overwhelming that it is hard to believe all of the big social media sites are only a decade old. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms have the power to influence not only people’s social lives, but almost every aspect of the private and professional sphere.


The most popular social media platform in the world is Facebook, with 1.59 billion users. Facebook logins account for 70% of all social media daily logins. Approximately 1.23 billion users log into Facebook for an average of 17 minutes each day. Facebook users generate 4,166,667 new likes, 136,000 new photos, 293,000 statuses, and 510 new posts every single minute.


Social media platforms are slowly but surely becoming the leading source of news for millions of people around the globe. Reddit is the most popular social media site for reading news, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Facebook is the primary news source for 68% of millennials, while 24% of high school students stay informed through Instagram.


Big brands and popular celebrities know just how powerful social media is when it comes to reaching the right audience. This is why brands and celebrities take steps to maintain a strong presence on social media. Coca-Cola is liked by 98,332,327 people on Facebook, Chanel has 12,205,997 Twitter Followers and Lego has an incredible 2,957,749,263 YouTube subscribers.

The most popular celebrity on Facebook is the football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Singer Katy Perry is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter, and pop star Justin Bieber has a YouTube account with 11,728,143,967 subscribers.

Take a look at this comprehensive infographic from skilled.co to learn more about the influence that social media has on various aspects of modern life.