Tired of commuting in heavy traffic? Learn how to create online courses

Tired of commuting in heavy traffic? Learn how to create online courses

What: Webinar on How to Create Profitable Online Courses
When: Saturday, April 15, at 12 noon EST
Where: Zoom.us in Room 231-522-248

Suzanne Dulin, owner at Heart+Mind Yoga and the Sadhana Catalog and Community, has create an e-course and has generously agreed to share her secrets on how to make money creating online courses with our clients at www.businessofwriting.net.

Suzanne and Catherine Carrigan hosted a FREE webinar together recently called “12 Principles of Success for Holistic Entrepreneurs.” You can read the blog and watch the FREE webinar at this link.

Creating evergreen courses that clients from all over the world can access and that you can promote through social media is a clever strategy and Suzanne will share her secrets in the webinar this Saturday.

Suzanne plans to market her courses through social media and her Sadhana Catalog, a catalog of holistic products for yogis, holistic practitioners and meditators.

Suzanne Dulin

Suzanne Dulin

What Makes Master Teachers Great?
In yoga there are three ways that knowledge is transmitted: Through media such as books, e-courses, videos, audio recordings, and handouts, through direct instruction from teacher to student, and through direct transmission from the infinite.(inspiration).
A great teacher gifts the world with her unique knowledge received through her studies and through her self-study. If you have studied with great teachers, or if you have received inspired wisdom, you must transmit your teaching to students in order that your knowledge continues to be known, studied, and improved upon by future yogis.
A master craftsman masters her tools
To transmit your wisdom, you have to get good at the craft of teaching.
If you wish to be a great teacher, you must learn to use the tools that you use to transmit your knowledge. Will you write a book? Will you teach at seminars? Will you create videos? Will you develop online courses? It’s important that a great teacher become adept at using the tools of their trade in order to be an effective teacher.
I work professionally as an instructional designer and previously worked primarily as a professional writer.  Recently I have begun to develop online yoga courses. I will be sharing a preview of these courses and answering your questions about how I am creating them to help you begin your journey toward becoming a master teacher on Saturday, April 15 at noon EST. Register today.
 Suzanne Dulin is a professional instructional designer and technical writer in the technology industry. She is also the founder of Sadhana, a catalog of products for yogis who dare to live as they are inspired to.

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