Mindi Rosser, social media for business strategist, presented to www.businessofwriting.net. To view her slide show presentation, please click this link.

“What is social selling?” Mindi asks.

“It is not longer enough just to invest in social media and hope it’s going to work. We have to be more proactive.

“Social selling is more proactive than social media, we want to turn them into qualified buyers.

“It’s not a quick win. It’s not a cold call through social media.

“Social selling is developing a relationship with your prospects and your buyers and moving them along through the buyers journey.

“It’s for selling products but it’s also for developing relationships and connecting with people.

“Social media is a one to one channel. A lot of people see it as one to many.

“Social selling is engaging people – really talking to people – a lot of two way communication, not just selling.

“Social selling is effectively using social media to connect with prospects and buyers.

“Social proof  comes from having a strong social media presence.”

Mindi Rosser is a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. She helps small to medium-sized B2B businesses—and their leaders—look awesome on social media. To find out more about her work please visit www.mindirosser.com.