Logan Young, director of operations for Blitzmetrics

Logan Young, director of operations for Blitzmetrics

You can create a highly effective strategy of one minute Facebook ads for just $1 a day according to Logan Young, co-founder of BlitzMetrics.

Logan Young presented to our group at www.businessofwriting.net to explain a simple, inexpensive strategy of creating Facebook ads that reach a wide audience.

Dennis Yu, chief technology officer at BlitzMetrics says, “You need real video. The consumer style video wins every time.”

One of BlitzMetrics customers, Kenny Lauer, vice president of marketing for the Golden State Warriors, reports, “Facebook ads increase the yield of other marketing programs. That means getting $40 back for every $1 spent.”

You can get $30 off the BlitzMetrics $97 course on how to create effective Facebook ads by using the code GROWTH when you sign up at this link.

Here’s the strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Create a series of one-minute videos. You don’t need expensive equipment. Just use your smart phone and a directional microphone such as this one that you can buy for $59 on Amazon.
  2. Do not sell anything – create useful content instead. Use natural lighting. Get in front of the camera and have a friend or relative film you.
  3. A good place to start is with your “WHY” video. Visit this link to learn how to create a video explaining why you got into business. People love stories and they will connect with your “WHY” video.
  4. Ad value with useful tips or entertaining videos.
  5. You want to create video ads because Facebook gives preference to video. The average time spent looking at a Facebook post is 6 seconds. People scroll through the Facebook feed but spend an average of 53 seconds when they come to a video post. “Facebook will reward you for doing video,” Logan Young reports.”The video will get lower cost per thousand than blog posts. You will get more reach for the same amount of money using videos.”
  6. Get to the action right away. The average watch time for any Facebook video is 6 seconds. If you can get people to watch 10 to 15 seconds, you’re doing great and 15 seconds is the mark of a winner.
  7. Once you create your video on your smart phone, email it to yourself.
  8. Open your email on your computer and then drag it to your desktop.
  9. Upload your video into your Facebook business page.
  10. Be sure to add captions because many people end up watching Facebook videos with their sound turned off. You can add the captions to your videos for FREE during the upload process.
  11. Choose your audience. You could have a custom audience, a look a like audience or a saved audience. Facebook lets you target who will see your ad so you can be very specific in reaching your potential customers.
  12. Boost the post for as little as $1 a day. 
  13. As you start out, test a series of videos but ultimately put 80 percent of your budget behind proven winner videos and 20 percent into new videos.

To learn more about the BlitzMetrics approach, look through this presentation by Dennis Yu at this link.

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