Join social media coaches Ramajon Cogan and Catherine Carrigan for a FREE webinar with Emily Raiber this Saturday, Sept. 23, to learn how to win the game of Instagram.

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What: FREE Webinar, “How To Win the Game of Instagram”
Where: in Room 231-522-248
When: Saturday, Sept. 23 at 12 noon EST
Cost: FREE
Who will benefit: If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, author or creator, you need to learn how to market your business, products and services on Instagram. 
Our guest presenter: Emily Raiber, a senior executive TV producer, culture guru and mother of a 16-month-old. She managed social media for Dr. Drew Pinsky and other television personalities. She was born in NYC and lives in LA. Emily is always on the pulse of what’s trending coast to coast.
Emily Raiber

Emily Raiber

Emily Raiber is an accomplished, award-winning media professional with over a decade of experience producing television programming and content in both news and entertainment. She has worked with NBC, CNN and FOX. As an experienced television professional she has produced with national, cable, live, local and broadcast network programs. She has proven abilities to focus direction, utilize excellent research skills, and provide insight into content. Emily has always known how to engage viewership. With her digital brand-marketing consultancy, she leverages social media to promote your personal brand strategically for maximum growth. You can find out more about her on her website at this link.
Emily Raiber

Emily Raiber

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