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If you’ve been wondering why your social media marketing strategy hasn’t been working, look no further for understanding than What Is Social Media Today: Keywords, Hashtags and You, Oh My!

Our second book about social media marketing follows What Is Social Media Today: Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Media

“Many people adopt a hope and pray approach when it comes to operating a business, trying to sell books or searching for new customers in the social media,” says author Catherine Carrigan.

What Is Social Media Today: Keywords, Hashtags and You, Oh My! teaches you a simple, highly effective system so that your good work can get discovered and you can make the money you deserve.”

What you will learn in What Is Social Media Today: Keywords, Hashtags and You, Oh My!:

  • Why you can’t just sit around and expect clients, customers and readers to find out about your business, products, services and books
  • Why you can’t just start a Facebook page for your business and expect customers to discover you
  • Why most entrepreneurs fail at social media
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that keep you broke and frustrated
  • The five stages of change you go through when approaching social media marketing
  • The five kinds of entrepreneurs for whom social media is absolutely essential
  • How to get Page 1 of Google without spending money on advertising
  • What is a keyword
  • How to find the best keywords for your business
  • What the heck is a hashtag
  • How to find the best hashtags to use in your social media strategy
  • The top 7 responsibilities of a social media manager, even if you’re doing it all yourself
  • The top kinds of content you can create to establish your brand identity
  • 7 steps to build your tribe in social media
  • How to play the Game of Social Media for fun and profit
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Author Catherine Carrigan has published seven books, including five Amazon No. 1 bestsellers.

She is a medical intuitive healer.

Catherine became a social media entrepreneur and authorpreneur after the publication of her second book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness.

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